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Based on inter-procedural analysis without executing the C, C++, C#, Java(JSP), Mobile and SAP ABAP source code, RESORT Code Analysis Toolset detects all defects for reliability, safety and security, and measures software metrics.

Tool Features

  • (Language) C, C++, C#, Java(JSP), JavaScript, Flex, ABAP, Objective-C, Android

  • (No Configuration) Works on source code only without building (compile) step

  • (Fully Coverage) Identifies all defects of Reliability, Safety & Security

  • (SW metrics measurement) MISRA Software/HIS Source Code Metrics, ISO 9126 Quality Metrics

  • (Interworking) Automated code verification process (Interworking with existing SCM tools)

    Tool Qualifications

  • MISRA-C, MISRA-C++ Copyright License

  • IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO26262

  • CWE Compatibility (C, C++, Java, JS, ABAP)

  • ABAP Tool Patent (Korea, US, Australia, Japan, China)

    Application Areas

  • Embedded Coding Standards
         -MISRA C:2012 & C++:2008 (ISO 26262), JPL C & Java, BSSC Java (DO 178B)
         -JSF++(DO 178B), HealthCare C++ (IEC 62304), Railway C (ISO 61508/62279)
         -Java Code Conventions(Oracle), C# Code Conventions(Microsoft)

  • Security Vulnerability Standards
        -Juliet Test Suite for C/C++, Java, C# (v1.3)
         -CWE(v3.0), OWASP(2017), Oracle Secure Coding Guidelines
         -SAP ABAP Backdoor

  • Run-time Error Standards
         -CWE-658(for C), CWE-659(for C++), CWE-660(for Java)

  • SW Metrics Standards
         -MISRA Software Metrics, HIS Source Code Metrics
         -ISO 9126 maintainability

    Operation Environment

  • Platforms
         -Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Mac OS, etc.

  • System Requirements
         -JDK 1.7 or higher
         -Memory : 8GB or higher(recommended)
         -Hard Disk : Minimum 100MB of free space

  • IDE Plug-in (for plugin version only – not required for standalone version)
         -Eclipse, UltraEdit, Intellij, Android Studio, MS Visual Studio, IBM RSA, Developer, Xcode
         -(CI-Server) Hudson, Jenkins

    RESORT Static Analysis Process

  • Head Office: 3F, KAITS, 34, Seoun-ro 1-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06732, KOREA
    Tel +82-2-553-9464
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