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Static/Dynamic Analysis Tool

C, C++, C# Static Analysis Tool - Safety & Security Standards

C, C++ and C# Static Analysis Tool is an integrated static analysis that simultaneously checks Reliability(Coding Standard), Safety(Run-time Error) and Security(Security Vulnerability), and code metrics based on inter-procedural path analysis.

The MISRA-C/C++ is a software development standard for the C/C++ programming language developed by MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association). The MISRA-C/C++ has been widely used to improve reliability and stability of embedded systems.

Recently, automotive embedded software such as autonomous and shared services to be installed in future automobiles require the software dependability for electric vehicles to be covered reliability and security. Therefore, the required information security service (confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication) in automotive embedded software is required essential in the coding stage.

Safety & Security Standards
  • Coding Guide: MISRA-C/C++, AUTOSAR C++, JPL-C, JSF++, MS C# Coding Convention
  • Run-time error: CWE-658(C: 83 Rules), CWE-659(C++: 87 Rules)
  • Security Vulnerability: CWE, OWASP, CERT(C, C++)
  • Automotive Embedded C Code: MISRA-C, Run-time Error, Code Metrics
  • Automotive Embedded C++ Code: MISRA-C++, Run-time Error, AUTOSAR C++14, Code Metrics
  • Automotive Embedded C, C++ Security: CERT(C,C++), CWE
  • (Other Code Assurance) Code Metrics, SQL, etc.

    Main Features
  • (C++ Language Standard) C11, C14, C17
  • (No Compile Step) Works on Source Code only without Building(compile) Step
  • (2nd Code Analysis) SQL etc.
  • (Rule Name) One-Guide to One-Rule to avoid Duplicate Defect Detection
  • (Exception Code Process) Automatic Management of Exception Codes
  • (SDLC Chain) Interworking with Software Configuration management
  • (Plug-in) Eclipse, Visual Studio, Jenkins, etc.

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