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RESORT for C, C++, C#, iOS - Code Checker Tool (MISRA & CWE Compliance)

Code Checker Tool checks Reliability(Coding Standard), Safety(Run-time Error) and Security(Security Vulnerability) in C/C++/C#/Objective-C source codes using advanced inter-procedural path analysis without executing the code.

Code checker tool supports to detect all of your any coding style, programming defect, performance issue, architecture compliance, run-time error, security vulnerability and MISRA-C/C++ compliance. RESORT provide user customizable coding standards compliance checking.

The MISRA-C/C++ is a software development standard for the C/C++ programming language developed by MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association). The MISRA-C/C++ has been widely used to improve reliability and stability of embedded systems.

Coding Standards & Features

  • Embedded coding standards(MISRA-C, MISRA-C++, MS C# Code Convention, etc.)
  • Run-time error standards(CWE-658(for C, 79 rules), CWE-659(for C++, 83 rules)
  • Security Vulnerability standards(CWE, OWASP, CERT, Juliet Test Suite)
  • CWE(v3.4) Category Ruleset(CWE-442(Web Problems), CWE-254(Security Features), CWE-310(Cryptographic Issues), CWE-490(Mobile Code Issues))
  • Customizing UI-based coding rules & rule extension
  • IDE Plug-in & CI-Sever Plug-in


  • Build project's own coding standards and produce very simple program structures
  • Identify and prevent potential/fatal defects in source codes
  • Improve performance, correctness and stability quickly
  • Prevent early errors before moving to test phase
  • Save cost and time for testing and maintenance
  • Enable developers to improve their C/C++ programming skills
  • Save IT and QA's manpower, cost and time
  • Reduce software development time
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