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RESORT for Java, Android

RESORT for Java(JSP, Android) - Code Checker Tool (CWE Compliance)

Code Checker Tool checks Reliability(Coding Standard), Safety(Run-time Error) and Security(Security Vulnerability) in Java(JSP, Android) source codes using advanced inter-procedural path analysis without executing the code.

Code checker tool supports to detect all of your any coding style, programming defect, performance issue, architecture compliance, run-time error and security vulnerability. RESORT provide user customizable coding standards compliance checking.

In particular, fatal defects related to DB interface are detected, such as data integrity, performance issue, resource leak, security vulnerability, and DB access compliance, and can be prevented system hang of WAS or BDMS.

Coding Standards & Features

  • Java(JSP, Android) code quality & SQL coding standards(Coding style, Performance, etc.)
  • Embedded coding standards(Android Java, ESA BSSC Java, DO-178B, etc.)
  • Run-time error standards(CWE-660, 73 rules)
  • Security Vulnerability standards(CWE, OWASP, CERT, Juliet Test Suite)
  • CWE(v3.3) Category Ruleset(CWE-442(Web Problems), CWE-254(Security Features), CWE-310(Cryptographic Issues), CWE-490(Mobile Code Issues))
  • Customizing UI-based coding rules & rule extension
  • IDE Plug-in & CI-Sever Plug-in


  • Build project’s own coding standards and produce very simple program structures
  • Identify and prevent potential/fatal defects in source codes
  • Improve performance, correctness and stability quickly
  • Prevent early errors before moving to test phase
  • Save cost and time for testing and maintenance
  • Enable developers to improve their Java(JSP)/Flex programming skills
  • Save IT and QA’s manpower, cost and time
  • Reduce software development time
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