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RESORT for Java/JSP FP - Function Point Counting Tool

RESORT for Java/JSP FP - Java/JSP Function Point Tool supports a combination of reverse engineering, software metrics and function point count solution for measuring, estimating and analyzing the data and transaction functionality from Java application or at project planning phase.

This helps automate the function point count, software development and maintenance size, and software productivity and cost analysis using standard IFPUG CPM 4.2.


  • Measure function point size from Java code or at project planning phase
  • Analyze data and transaction functionality from the user's viewpoint
  • Visualize various UML diagrams(class & sequence) to measure data and transaction functionality
  • Analyze unadjusted function point, adjusted function point and software productivity and cost
  • Converting function point to SLOC(Source Lines of Code)
  • Reporting multi-level statistical metrics for product management
  • Documentation summary
        - Adjusted function point estimate report
        - Software productivity and cost analysis report
        - Delivered data and transaction functionality report


  • Measure software size based on the user's point of view
  • Understand and analyze software functionality
  • Calculate development project, enhancement project and application function points
  • Support the whole software life cycle
  • Help to estimate software productivity and cost as per software life cycle
  • Improving project and IT organization management
  • Improving software process – necessary for CMMI 3 and higher
  • Reduce function point counting time/effort
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