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RESORT for Java(JSP) - Unit & Integration Testing Tool

Unit/Integration Testing Tool supports a combination of static, white-box and black-box testing solution for identifying, understanding and eliminating defects and non-compliance problems, improving the overall quality of your software.

Used in building Java and Web applications, this helps you quickly detect, diagnose and resolve software errors, enhance code performance, and ensure optimum code coverage.


  • Test Plan & Test Case Design
        -Basis path for Unit testing
        -ME(message execution) path for Integration test
        -Advanced test case, suit and scenario design(class/package/system)
        -Code and Interface coverage testing

  • Test Results Analysis
        -Test case analysis(pass/fail/error message)
        -Unit & Integration test coverage analysis
        -Performance analysis(run/time)


  • Hybrid testing approach combining OO diagram/graph and testing solution
  • Automatic test case template generation from source code
  • Automatic, error-free test driver or JUnit driver generation
  • Provide graphical representations(monitoring) of selected historical test results
  • Support error recoding and tracking
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Reporting multi-level statistical coverage for product management
  • Highlighting the tested code


  • Provide simplify test planning and test case design, and more testing flexibility
  • Help to trace execution status and find logic/interface errors on graph/code
  • Improve testing productivity and OO software quality
  • Reduce testing and debugging time/effort
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