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RESORT for Java, Android

RESORT for Java(JSP, Android) - Software Quality Tool

SW Quality Tool analyzes architecture hierarchy and measures quality metrics for Java and JSP programs.

Reverse Engineering Tool supports a comprehensive visualization and OO metrics solution that analyzes a software system to identify its current modules and dependencies, to extract and create system abstraction and design information.

SW Metrics Tool provides a quantitative basis for the development and validation of models of the software development and maintenance process. Software metrics helps you identify, diagnose and resolve potential problems to improve software quality and productivity.


  • Hybrid reverse engineering approach combining UML diagram/graph and OO metrics
  • Automatic UML diagram/graph generation from package to method level
  • SW&DB Architecture Analysis for SQL/XML Development Standard and SW&DB Impact Analysis
  • Supporting 100+ software metrics such as size, structure and OO metrics
  • Measure and evaluate software quality such as OO, Halstead, System and maintainability characteristic in ISO 9126-3
  • Cross-highlighting between diagram and source code
  • Reporting multi-level statistical metrics for SW quality management


  • Understand both the design and architecture of the software system
  • Identify and prevent software design problems early in the development cycle
  • Assist to achieve the software quality goals
  • Improve understandability, maintainability and performance quickly
  • Support unit, integration and performance testing of the first test target
  • Save cost and time for testing and maintenance
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